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In order to give you more in depth tuition on specific ingredients we have designed special courses that are focused on one theme at a time (meat, fish, vegetables, bread...). These individual courses will be entirely dedicated to teaching you the art of sourcing, preparing and cooking the theme ingredient. You will learn how to make the most out of your own produce. From rustic baguettes to pan fried sea bass with beurre blanc sauce, together we will explore various techniques, teaching you new ways to approach the ingredients you have been cooking for years expanding your recipe portfolio and knowledge of traditional French cooking. These are limited courses and will be held on specified dates. Click below For More information on the scheduled courses.

Anniversary Cookery Course

11th Anniversary Cookery Course

To mark our 11th year at Le Gargantua we're holding a celebratory cookery course! Click here to find out more.

Mixed Week Courses

Cooking and Baking combined

If you equally love Cooking & Baking, why not join us for a mixed week. Two days baking / Two days cooking ! To find out more click here.

Fat Duck Course

Join us for a Fat Duck Course

An in depth course on France's most preferred meat. Learn how prepare and use a whole duck for confit, foie gras, rillettes, cou farci, grattons. Click here to find out more.

Fish Cooking Course

Join us for a Fish cooking extravaganza

The ultimate Fish Course. Learn how to choose your fish fresh, prepare and cook in various ways to absolute perfection for 3 nights with us at Le Gargantua. Click here to find out more.