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Do I need a car?

You do not need a car. Depending on what you expect from your holiday, you choose to rent a car or not. I make sure you see as much of the area as possible when we go on our morning outings. However, our house is in the heart of the countryside, so after our cooking sessions, you should not expect to be able to walk to town. There is a village 2km down the road with a post office, and a cornershop/bar/tobacconist, but the town is 12km away. The bikes we lend you are purely to have a little cycle around the countryside and NOT a mean of transport.

Meet some of the people we'll visit

Of the many producers we visit on the seasonal french cooking course, Tucked away among the rolling hills of the Lot-et-Garonne, Gilbert has been crafting his wines for many years. As an organic wine producer he grows a selection of grapes including a very special variety unique to the area. His knowledge and experience in wine is what makes visiting Gilbert very special. On our visit, he'll walk us through his grape vines explaining how he uses the natural environment to benefit the vines themselves and the blending methods used to achieve great tasting wine. You'll soon discover his wines have lots of character and flavour as we have a wine tasting over a picnic together.
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