French Cooking & Baking Courses

Seasonal French Cooking Courses

Duration: 5 Nights, 3 Nights, One Day

A hands-on cooking course learning the traditional techniques of French Cuisine the French way. With our guidance, you will prepare and cook every dish with seasonal produce we have sourced together from local producers and markets. Finally, you'll be able to sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labour accompanied with local wines

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Baking & Patisserie Courses

Duration: 5 Nights, 3 Nights, One Day, Afternoon

For the love of patisserie - learn to create beautiful classic French pastries. Whether you are an experienced home baker, or you have yet to make your own pastry. Our French Patisserie Course will give you an understanding of the how's and more importantly the why's of baking and pastry making. You will learn Puff Pastry, Chou Pastry, Sweet Pastry, Croissants, Macarons, Crème Patissiere & Entremets and so much more.

Let's Bake

Bread Baking Courses

Duration: 3 Nights

From Baguettes to artisan breads, France is renowned for crusty loaves. You can join us to learn how to succeed in the art of French bread making. We will teach you how to create and use your own sourdough starter, make Baguettes and other traditional French Breads.

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Mixed Week Courses

Duration: 5 Nights

For those of you who are equally passionate about cooking and baking, you can enjoy a mixed week course. On the two days of French Cooking classes, we'll visit local producers and cook some delightful meals with their produce for our dinners. Day one of the Patisserie classes will involve a visit to local patisseries in the morning to sample some French pastries. The afternoon and the following day will be hands-on in the kitchen, where you'll be recreating a selection of classic French pastries.

Best of both

Fat Duck Course

Duration: 3 Nights

A short course on everything duck - Fat Duck, to be precise. The south west region of France is known worldwide for its high-quality duck meat. During this course in November, we will visit a reputable duck farm together to source our meat. For two days, you will produce your own duck confit, foie gras and various delicacies with us in the kitchen to take home and share with your friends and family just in time for the festive season.

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Vegetarian Cooking Course

Duration: 5 Nights

Rediscover Fruit & Vegetables on our latest culinary holiday. This in-depth vegetarian cooking course will look at diversifying your diet, teaching you the hows and whys of getting the best out of every vegetable throughout the year.

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